PhD - Robotics Emphasis

The CSR program is a Master’s Degree program.   Individuals interested in a PhD with specialization in Robotics should explore the PhD available from SDSMT's Mechanical Engineering department.   The M.E. PhD has a controls and robotics option.  Robotics faculty on campus (those within and outside the Mechanical Engineering dept) can direct PhD thesis work in Robotics through the Mechanical Engineering dept.

Those students who wish to complete a CSR MS and then continue on to the ME PhD can take the required courses ME673 and ME773 as part of the CSR electives.  Students will select a dissertation topic with advice from their major professors. A student and his/her graduate advisor will select a graduate committee, the members of which will guide them towards the PhD.  The CSR MS can prepare the student for PhD work in robotics.   The Mechanical Engineering dept will accept CSR core classes so students who have an MS can pursue robotics at the PhD level through Mechanical Engineering.   Contact Lisa Carlson, for more information about the ME PhD.